The Story

The Twin Cities are like rival siblings — tied together inextricably but also so deeply different they can't help but grate. There are ways I'm going to play with this image and Mage/CoFD cosmology, and use it to build Realms Invisible locally. 

At game start, you'll be forming this new cabal in the Twin Cities' Consilium, which is in the middle of extended upheaval. The current Hierarch has not been Hierarch very long, and there's a sense that the former Hierarch, displaced in the last two to three years, is nursing a bad grudge. Much of the upper power structure has wobbled, and the vacuum is causing a power struggle. 

Add to this a higher-than-normal-or-liked number of Banishers, mages gone bad, as well as some big moves from local Seer Pylons that especially surround mortal politics in Minneapolis particularly, and there's a lot of danger to be had. And did I mention at least one crazy mystery that kicks off at the Great Minnesota Get-Together, AKA the State Fair?

The Game

We're playing on Alien City, which is accommodating our space needs for the moment. This game is an online tabletop with MUSHlike elements. By this I mean that, like a tabletop:

*I'm not building a grid, relying instead on descriptions in-the-moment

*Many scenes will be pre-arranged and pre-scheduled to advance plot

*There is an actual plan in place that focuses tightly on its handful of characters and builds them main-character level storylines

But like a MUSH:

*You're largely welcome to do as much or as little side-RP as you like. Go to town on side-stories and character development. You have the ability to connect whenever, so go with my blessing.

*You can advance some storylines in the background of the main plot as well. We have the technology! 

*That's the actual platform we're connecting to.